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Founded in 1978, the Dix Hills Soccer Club was formed to allow the children of our community to have fun learning and enjoying the game of soccer. The Club’s emphasis is on teaching both girls and boys the meaning of good sportsmanship and how to play soccer as individuals and as members of a team. Soccer demands both dedication and commitment from the players, trainers and coaches to perform at their best levels. It also demands dedication and commitment from parents to give their children proper training and positive support. The club continues to grow and currently has over 1,000 participants.

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A New Beginning

The new executive board at Dix Hills Soccer Club has been working very diligently since December 2013 to rebuild the club back to the proud and successful tradition it’s represented throughout our four decades of existence.  It is clear that the corner has been turned and we are very excited for the new direction Dix Hills Soccer Club is now heading.

We have improved board communications, formal board structure, club bylaws and guidelines, and have audited club financials. Club transparency is one of our top agenda items as a board and that will be monumental in the success of our organization moving forward.  We would like to thank all of our members for their loyal support and we are very excited about the new direction the club is moving.  Remember that as a volunteer run organization our success in providing the best possible experience for the children of our community is due in great part by our volunteers. We always are looking for passionate, honest individuals that are interested in giving back to our community through soccer.  Please contact us with your interest.

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