What Needs to Change in American Youth Soccer

Soccer has been played in America for 100 years, but only recently have we begun to study the game, investigate player development and educate our youth soccer coaches. America faces struggles and challenges on our road to accomplishing our goal to achieve the highest level of play with the best American soccer players, and how we go about reaching this goal is often debated.

Recently, GoalNation published an interview with Paul Breitner On What Needs To Change In American Youth Soccer. It was wonderful to learn what Breitner thought as he has been involved with the game at the highest level for a very long time, giving him the wisdom of perspective.  I support much of what he expressed on American soccer. Breitner talks about how American soccer players are developed and trained collectively therefor these youths have similar tendencies and moves — this is right on target.


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Article courtesy of goalnation.coma